TPS Tech Tips: Do You Know These Secret Force Touch Features?

TPS Tech Tips: Do You Know These Secret Force Touch Features?


DO YOU KNOW THESE SECRET FORCE TOUCH FEATURES?📲 TPS TECH TIPS – Ep:8 Our two favorite force touch features.TPS Tech Tips is a new original series from The Phone Shop, which aims to provide you with all the hidden and secret methods to help you get the most out of your devices.📅: EVERY TUESDAY AT 7PM💻📲 0117 942 4400📍24a Gloucester Road, BS7 8AE📍9 King Square Ave, Stokes Croft, BS2 8HU

Posted by The Phone Shop on Tuesday, 19 June 2018

3D Touch is a pressure sensitive technology first introduced in MacBook and Apple Watch. Eventually, this feature came to later generations of iPhone, starting from iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This function performs depending on how hard the display is pressed, allowing the users to carry out certain tasks quickly. With the force applied to the device, you can easily reply to notifications, preview messages, switch keyboards, switch apps and more. This technology lets you navigate around your iPhone faster and easier! If you still haven’t made the most out of this handy feature, read on to get started.

Activating 3D Touch

3D Touch is activated by default in newer generations of iPhone (except the SE), although you have the option to adjust its settings or even turn it off. To turn on (or off) 3D Touch, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and then tap 3D Touch. If you want to adjust the pressure needed to activate 3D Touch, you can choose from light to firm. You can test each setting using the demo to make sure you get the best option.

Peek and pop

Peek and pop are pressure-sensitive gestures that allow you to preview contents of a message, document, web page or other links without opening the app involved. It also provides you with quick actions, allowing you to act on it without having to launch the full app. This is helpful and convenient when you’re working between multiple apps.

To peek:

1. Press on the item you want to peek at.
2. The rest of the screen will blur and the item will be highlighted.
3. If you want to access quick actions, swipe up from the peek and tap the quick action you want to perform.

To pop into an item and make it full screen:

1. Press to peek at the item.
2. Press firmly to pop into it.

To go back to previous app:

1. Press deeper on the left side of the screen or use the back link button at the top left of the screen.
2. Swipe to the right.

Trackpad mode

Typos are inevitable especially if you spend a big part of your day typing on touch screens. When this happens, it can be difficult to get the cursor in the right area where you need to edit. But worry no more as iPhone makes the process easier with its pressure-sensitive screen. With this feature, you can press down on the keyboard to turn it into a trackpad. This lets you move the cursor by swiping instead of tapping your finger in the right spot.

To activate trackpad:

1. Launch the app you want to use and bring up the keyboard.
2. Input some text.
3. Firmly press on the keyboard.
4. Swipe your finger around the keyboard to move the cursor.

To switch between moving cursor and selecting text:

1. Launch the app that you’ll be using.
2. Press firmly on the keyboard.
3. Type in some text.
4. Once you navigated the cursor to your desired location, hard press to highlight text, and continue pressing until the rest of the text block is selected.
5. Release to finish.

These are just some Force Touch features available in iOs. It may take a bit of practice to get used to it but trust us, it’s going to be handy. Try it now and see for yourself!
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TPS Tech Tips: How to Turn Off Location Services on Your iPhone

TPS Tech Tips: Turning Off Location Services on Your iPhone

Whether you have been using an iPhone for years or have just recently switched to one, privacy settings are important. Location services are a great feature to have on your phone, you can easily locate a nearby restaurant, you can ascertain your location if you think you are lost and alternatively, you can check in to an entertaining game at any time.
Privacy settings are a critical issue especially if you are worried that someone may be tracking your location. That said, it’s better to switch this service off.

If you’re not familiar with how to turn off the location services on your iPhone, here’s an easy guide.

Turn off Location Services completely.

1. From the Home Screen, tap the Settings icon
2. Scroll and tap on Privacy
3. Click on Location Services
4. Toggle the slider into off position and it’s done

Some apps might not work without turning on Location Services, the good thing with Apple is that you can still give permission to use your location on a specific app basis.
1. From the Home Screen, tap the Settings icon
2. Scroll and tap on Privacy
3. Make sure that Location Services is enabled
4. Scroll down and find the app you want to permit
5. Tap on the symbol (it looks like an arrowhead pointing North East) next to the app to allow them to use your location
6. You can also click on the app and select an option:
• Always: This feature means you allow the app to access your location even when you are not currently using it
• While Using the App: You allow this app to track your location only when you are using it. You will receive a notification on your status bar when an app is using your location
• Never: You do not allow this app to use your location

Reset or disable Location Services

If an app requires your location, you will receive a notification asking for permission when you use it the first time. You can select ‘Allow’ to give an app the permission to use your location data or tap ‘Don’t Allow’ to prevent an app from using your Location Services data. You can change this anytime on your Settings by following the steps above.

Additionally, you can reset all your Location Services option to factory default to stop apps from using your location until you turn the option on your Settings.
• Go to Settings
• Tap General
• Scroll and tap Reset Location & Privacy

For Wi-Fi use

If your Location Service is on, you will receive notifications when you are in an area where there is an available Wi-Fi service. It will also send geo-tagged locations to Apple’s crowd-sourced database and cell tower locations. If you are travelling, GPS-enabled iOS device is also a big help in monitoring Apple’s road-traffic database. But you don’t need to worry because the data gathered by Apple is anonymous and encrypted, meaning, it doesn’t personally identify you.

For emergency purposes

iPhone’s Location Services are accurate and reliable which is why it can be a big help for your safety. Regardless whether your Location Services is on or off when you place an emergency call, you can be located by the response team.

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